• William (Bill) E. Johnson - President

    William (Bill) E. Johnson President

    Responsible for development and analysis of production data for management group, operational management, safety director/trainer and special events coordination.


    As an expert in the timber and paper industries, Bill has traveled the world on behalf of Timberian, Futurewood Corp. & Johnson Timber Company. His areas of focus, while leveraging his diverse skill set aboard, include: manufacturing, ongoing industry sustainability and strategic resources planning.


    Bill decided at a very early age to represent the third generation of Johnson’s in their northern Wisconsin businesses. Coming from a family of six brothers and sisters, he has added a wife, three children and his dog Vader, to the Johnson family tree.


    Aside from being a fan of the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers, Bill is a supporter of the Lumberjack Championships and all things outdoor.

  • Greg Biskup - Controller

    Greg Biskup Controller

    Responsible for financial analysis, projections, reporting, as well as hands on operational support controller to the executive team.


    Greg has B.S. in Finance and Economics, from Bemidji State University.


    During his off-time, Greg enjoys bow and shed hunting, while also taking time outdoors to cycle.

  • D.J. Aderman - President for Futurewood Corp.

    D.J. Aderman President for Futurewood Corp.

    Responsible for land and timber acquisition, Procurement Manager and staff, DJ harvests plans for company woodlands and controlled stumpage, Private Landowner Management plans, Sustainable Forestry Initiative compliance.


    DJ has served as valued team member of Timberian since it was founded three years ago. He is the current President of Futurewood Corp. and has been a key resource there for over 30 years. DJ earned his B.S. Degree from University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point in Forest Resource Management.


    DJ is a true outdoors-man and experienced Northwoods hunter. His favorite past time is hunting foul with his bird dog, Cane.